The idea for Activ8 occurred to Debbie Webb when she was teaching Physical Education at a primary school in Worthing. She noticed that many of the children starting school lacked the physical and learning skills they needed to achieve their potential.

So in 2012 she started Activ8, working with nurseries and playschools. A top issue for Debbie was to find the friendly and nurturing staff and make sure they had the necessary skills and qualifications. The business has now expanded all across West Sussex.

For Debbie, having her own permanent nursery facility in Henfield is a dream come true. She says "We try to create an exciting, fun and educational environment for the children, and here we have the staff and the enough space to cater for everyone from babies to pre-school".


Above: Bouncing for health! With Debbie Webb (left) and Malcolm Eastwood (right)

Based in the Youth Centre on Deer Park, the new nursery will also help to secure the financial viability of the Youth Centre. Youth leader Debbie Slaughter said she was delighted to have the day nursery as a complement to the evening activities for young people.

Henfield Parish Council has supported the initiative, helping to speed up the administrative process of OFSTED approval. Council Chairman Malcolm Eastwood, who cut the blue ribbon today, said "It's great to have another all day nursery to support the growing number of young families in our village."


Parish Council Chairman Malcolm Eastwood cutting the blue ribbon with Debbie Webb

There are more pictures of the opening and the nursery in our gallery.

For more information and contact details, see Activ8's page on the Hub.