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Bluebird Community Transport

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Residents (and visitors to residents) of Ashurst, Blackstone, Bramber, Cowfold, Edburton, Fulking, Henfield, Partridge Green, Poynings, Shermanbury, Small Dole, Steyning, Upper Beeding, Wineham, and Woodmancote, no matter what your age, whether you are 9 or 90, disabled or otherwise, you are welcome to use our minibus.

The Community Minibus offers a number of advantages over other public transport. Our service will:
• Collect you from your home - no standing out in the cold or rain! - and deliver you right to your destination
• Return you from your destination and deliver you to your home.
• Carry your bags to your door if you need help.
• Help you to board and dismount if you use a wheelchair or have difficulty with stairs.
You will be guaranteed a friendly helpful service run by local people.

All passengers must register with Bluebird Community Partnership. To register, call Bluebird on 01444 471919.
Minibus Services

Minibus Services

Residents in the Henfield area benefit from the community minibus service which is operated by Bluebird Community Partnership. It includes Dial-a-Ride, shopping trips, minibus hire and summertime excursions.