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Friday 17th August

Henfield Baden Powell Guild

Henfield Baden Powell Guild Cover Photo
Henfield BP Guild is keeping the Scouting and Guiding spirit alive by supporting our Community.
We help our citizens young and the not so young and other charities in our Parish through fund-raising activities including hiring our Marquees & Party Tents, BBQ's, organising music events, Santa’s delivery of Christmas presents and much more.
VAT free, our hire rates are very contact: Brian on 01273 834251 or 07985 201335 for information on bookings or Eric on 01273 494470.
Photos etc see our web site
BP Guild's 1st Jumble Sale of 2018 (17/03)

BP Guild's 1st Jumble Sale of 2018 (17/03)

Ever popular with a fun auction, this is BP Guilds 1st jumble sale in our H' Hall with funds being ploughed back into the village.