The BP Guild believes in Santa and has arranged for Santa to bring his sleigh between 7 pm to 9 pm on the dates below.

Look out for him and listen to his choir of singers. 

Wed 6th Dec Silver Birches, Hoewood, Tottington Drive area, Downsview, Sands Lane, Shoreham Road & New Hall Lane in Small Dole. 

Fri 8th Dec Village Evening - see Santa by Cagefoot Lane (A photo opportunity!)

Mon 11th Dec West End Lane, Bishop Park, Upper Station Rd, Church Lane, Church St, Pinchnose Green area, Chestnut Way, Martyns Close

Tue 12th Dec Hollands Rd, Staples Barn, Gresham Place, Northcroft, Kings Field, Flower Farm Close, Fabians Way, Broomfield Rd, Batts Drive, Greenways, The Hooks.

Wed 13th Dec Station Rd, Beechings, Lower Station Rd, Lower Faircox, Dropping Holmes, Chanctonbury View, Windmill Lane, Nep Town Rd , Nep Close, Weavers Lane, South View Terrace, King James Lane, Blackgate Lane, Hewitts

Thu 14th Dec Parsonage Rd, Nyes Close, Benson Rd, Furners Lane, Furners Mead, Daisycroft.

Fri 15th Dec Wantley Hill, Meadow Walk, Manor Way, Manor Close, Barn End

Mon 18th Dec London Rd, Cagefoot Lane, Mill Drive, Cedar Way, The Common

Tue 19th Dec Deer Park estate

Wed 20th Dec Spare evening in case the reindeer is ill earlier in the schedule

Santa can deliver a present to your child on Christmas morning.

If you would like Santa  to call on Christmas morning the following details below will of help: The presents are to be marked clearly with child’s name and address. As the sleigh is pulled by a single reindeer, Santa's bag size and his strength are limited, so please do refrain from handing in large parcels.

Take parcels to Graham Denyer, 8 Gresham Place, Henfield (and for queries: 01273 492402) with £3 for each parcel on the following dates and times: Tues 19th, Wed 20thDec between 3 & 6 pm, or Thurs 21st Dec between 3 & 7 pm.

Also please note BP GUILDS friendly Christmas Tree disposal service. 

We will collect your Christmas tree, chop it up and recycle the chippings for £5 per tree on Saturday 6th of January 2018. What could be easier than this and know that you have contributed to Henfield Scout Community Centre Building Appeal and the chippings are reused! To arrange this email or ‘phone 01273 494470 or or ‘phone 01273 493843.

The photograph shows the Christmas tree that the BP Guild erects, lights and then........