Traffic on Dropping Holms, taken from the access point proposed for the new housing

Many local people have written to Fairfax Properties raising their concerns about the proposed new housing development. Over the last couple of days, some of the them have received a standard letter from Fairfax in response.

Some of the points made by Fairfax are:

  • their transport engineers have done detailed survey work and have concluded that the access and surrounding roads are able to accommodate the proposed number of new homes.
  • they will include all necessary mitigation measures required to protect wildlife and aim to enhance the ecological value of the development as much as practicable through its design.
  • to address worries about the impact on the local medical centre, school and other amenities, Fairfax will request that Horsham Distriuct Council applies some of the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) specifically on maintaining and improving the local infrastructure for Henfield.
  • the development has been designed not to cause any problems of flooding to any residents living within the local area.

Fairfax express the hope that the letter will go some way to addressing and allaying any concerns.

We are aware that this response addresses only a few of the concerns regarding the development of this field but, with regard to just traffic, environment, flooding and sustainability...

  • Do you feel reassured by Fairfax’s response?
  • Do you think they have understood and throughly investigated these genuine local concerns?
  • Do you think they are really listening to us?

If the response from Fairfax has not allayed your concerns, please follow CPRH on our Facebook page and make your views known. We'll keep you up to date with developments.

The full response from Fairfax can be read here.