The full consultation document and supporting background documents, including details of how to comment, are available to view on the Horsham website.

The proposed new town of Mayfield, with 7,000 homes to the north-east of Henfield, features prominently within the main Consultation Document (see pages 89-93). You can see the proposed location on this map. Henfield and other Parish Councils are opposing it and have banded together to form the Inter-Parish Group.

In addition, a number of smaller housing sites are proposed for Henfield. You can see these on this 'Policies Map'. They go beyond the sites proposed in Henfield’s recent Neighbourhood Plan consultation, including additional sites at Sandgate Nurseries and North of Furners Lane plus two in Small Dole. Details of these smaller sites are given in Horsham’s Site Assessment report (see pages 44-55 for Henfield and pages 56-59 for Small Dole).

CPRH will be supporting LAMBS in their fight against Mayfield but will be particularly focussing on the smaller sites proposed for Henfield itself.  CPRH intend to analyse the proposals and develop a draft response which we will email out to all supporters, and publish on the Hub and Facebook. We would encourage everyone to submit their own individual responses within the consultation period which ends on 30th March. Supporters can expect therefore to receive a call to action from CPRH within the next 3-4 weeks.

If you would like chance to discuss the proposals, Horsham District Council is organising a drop-in session from 4pm - 8pm on Tuesday 25th February 2020 in The Henfield Hall.