Protestors gathering at the entrance to Sandy Lane on Sunday

Fairfax Acquisitions has submitted an application for Outline Planning Permission to build 42 houses on Land North of Sandy Lane, Henfield. The Application Reference Number is

You can object to the application in 3 ways:

  • Online, using Horsham District Council's planning system. Click here to see the application details. Then choose the Comments tab and click the Make your Comments button.
  • By email to Say that you are objecting to Planning Application DC/18/2463 and give your reasons. Remember to give your street address - your name will not be published but your address must be given to validate your comments.
  • By letter. Say that you are objecting to Planning Application DC/18/2463 and give your reasons. Send your letter to Horsham district Council, Parkside, Chart Way, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 1RL. Ensure your letter will arrive by Wednesday 12 December 2018. Your address will not be made public.

You should always try to express your objections in your own words based on your own experiences and feelings. If you are unsure what objections are valid for planning purposes, here is a reminder of some of the issues that you might like to comment on.

Planning History

  • This site has a long history of unsuccessful applications.
  • The reasons for previous rejections have not altered

Landscape Setting and Amenity

  • The site is in open countryside outside the Built-Up Area Boundary of Henfield.
  • It is on an escarpment which overlooks the Adur floodplain and wetlands area.
  • The natural amenities of the area, including clear views to the National Park, are greatly enjoyed by local residents and the wider public. The roadside verge at the top of the field is a designated green space and a viewpoint for the whole village to the surrounding countryside and downland beyond.
  • Sandy Lane provides a gradual transition from the rural Downs Link into the village.
  • The adjacent low-rise Chanctonbury View development was specifically designed to protect the views from the surrounding area and houses.


  • The character of the area will be transformed from rural to suburban.
  • The housing proposed is much higher density than the surrounding area and will create a hard edge to the village. The Chanctonbury View plot is of a similar size to the field but contains just 14 houses.
  • The field is higher than the Chanctonbury View plot causing loss of privacy and overlooking.

Historic Character

  • Sandy Land provides a gateway between the countryside and the Historic Conservation Area of the village. The top of the site is directly adjacent to the conservation area.
  • The development will profoundly alter the setting of listed historic cottages at the top of Sandy Lane.

Nature Conservation

  • The edges of the site and surrounding area are a rich, natural habitat for many species.
  • The area is currently dark and unlit at night, important for the nocturnal wildlife.

Access issues

  • Access along the narrow Nep Town Road is already difficult because of parked cars.
  • The West End Lane development has aggravated noise and traffic safety issues.
  • The proposed access point is on a blind bend where dangerous incidents occur routinely.
  • There is no train station in the village so commuters must drive to work.
  • Bus services to hospitals, secondary schools and employment areas are inadequate.
  • The distance from services such as the primary school and medical centre makes walking impractical for mothers with buggies, the elderly and disabled.

Other points for objection

Many issues which we know are valid to residents are not considered material to this outline planning application. They can be mentioned but will not influence this decision. They will be considered more fully if Outline Planning Permission is granted. Examples are:

  • Drainage and flooding
  • Tree conservation