The Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA 2018) identifies opportunities for future housing development on sites which are considered to be 'deliverable, developable and available'.

It does not prescribe which sites will actually be developed. The sites that are eventually chosen for housing development will be identified through Local Plans or Neighbourhood Development Plans. The new Henfield Neighbourhood Plan is not mentioned in the report as it has not yet reached the legally significant ‘Reg 14’ stage (pre-submission consultation).

The SHELAA demonstrates that the Council has enough potential housing sites to meet its five and ten year housing requirements. There is a surplus of sites which means that the Council Is able to progress those sites which have been assessed as the ‘most sustainable’.

The SHELAA is a ‘live’ document and the Council continues to invite submissions for consideration in future assessments on an ongoing basis. Sites submitted to the Council following the cut-off date for this report (26 October 2018) will be considered as part of the 2019 SHELAA review together with any additional information available on each of the sites considered in this report.

Henfield Sites Included in the Report
Considered deliverable in 1-5 years

  • SA004 Land at Junction of Stonepit & West End Lane, 75 units
  • SA160 Land east of Manor Close, 11 units

Considered developable in 6-10 years

  • SA011 Land West of Backsettown Farm, 25 units
  • SA423 The Bus Station, 7 units
  • SA504 Land South of Bowls Club, off Furners Mead, 10 units
  • SA505 Highdown Nurseries, off Shoreham Road, 10 units
  • SA511 Village Stores, 6 units
  • SA515 Old Steam Mill, 8 units
  • SA554 Post Office & Library Car Park, off High Street, 6 units

Considered deliverable in 11+ years

  • SA065 Land at Wantley Hill, 40 units
  • SA446 Vinalls Business centre and NR Motorworks, 12 units
  • SA487 Land south of Hollands Lane 14 units

Mayfield Market Town
Within HDC a New Market Town development of up to 6,120 dwellings together with associated infrastructure is currently being proposed for consideration. The site falls in Woodmancote, Shermanbury and Henfield parish areas.

Unless allocated for development through the review of the Horsham District Planning Framework (HDPF) it is considered development would be contrary to Policies 1 to 4 and 26 of the HDPF and potentially other policies relating to the constraints of the site. It is therefore assessed as ‘Not currently developable’.

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