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Dance Fit

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Dance.. Get Fit.. Have Fun.. Relax.. is the mantra of Dance Fit a fitness class that blends Dance, Martial Arts and Yoga to give the body a work out and let the mind relax.. Dancing barefoot to up-beat, catchy music Dance Fit has the unique way of giving the body a cardiovascular workout whilst protecting muscles and joints at the same time. Dance Fit encourages students to work at their own pace within the framework of the class so that they enjoy movement, find better technique and heal from injuries.. Dance Fit does this by combining the power and precision of Martial Arts with mindfulness and alignment of Yoga and the freedom and fluidity of Dance which creates a complete wholistic, systemic work out that leaves students feeling energised, relaxed and wanting more..
Dance Yourself Fit!

Dance Yourself Fit!

Dance Fit's mantra is.. Dance.. Get Fit.. Have Fun.. Relax..