The Design Statement was prepared by the Community Partnership in conjunction with the Parish Council and adopted by the latter towards the end of 2008; then in December 2008 by Horsham District Council as a Supplementary Planning Document which sits with that Council’s Local Development Framework.

The purpose of the Statement is not about whether development should take place, but rather about how any planned development should be carried out so that it fits within its setting and enhances its surroundings.

This Statement of 20 pages, which is well illustrated in colour, looks briefly at the history of Henfield’s development and the character of its landscape setting. It goes on to consider in greater detail the structure and character of the village itself in terms of its built form, breaking it down into areas of like character. Building materials are referred to as well as trees, hedgerows, shrubs and ponds. The village’s network of twittens (footpaths) is discussed, as too is street furniture. The final, and perhaps most important, part of the document sets down some 40 ‘principles and guide lines’ covering all the above matters which anyone contemplating new development in the parish as a whole, however minor, is encouraged to refer to. It is very much a document for all to use, not just for developers and councils.

The Community Partnership hopes it will be well used and help Henfield parish to become an even more attractive place in which to live. Hard copies may be obtained free of charge from the Parish Council Office in the Henfield Hall. You can download a scanned copy here.