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Good Evening
Thursday 27th January

Equine Gentling Community Herd

Equine Gentling Community Herd Cover Photo
We are a community herd which rehabilitates rescue horses and works with young people with social, emotional, mental health, behavioural and learning difficulties. We recently had a land appeal across various media outlets and have kindly been donated land near Henfield.

The herd have moved to their new home near Henfield and are settling in nicely in 60 stunning acres of conservation grazing land. They are getting to know the resident sheep and cows and are all finding their hill legs on the steep climb to the top! They have also taken on 2 new horses, Fred and Vitty who are finding their place in the herd day by day.

As a Community Interest Company, like many others, we are struggling during these difficult times both to raise funds for the herds upkeep and to keep in touch with our vulnerable young people during lockdown.

We have started a crowd funding appeal for a field shelter where our young people can talk to Dan, make herb balls, store grooming gear etc. Please help us if you can