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Saturday 15th August

Family Support Work

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Family Support Work is a UK Charity pioneering work with vulnerable families across Sussex since 1890. We work intensively with families through our many activities including home visits, support groups, one-to-one meetings, drop-ins as well as supported breaks with our community workers.

Our free and confidential support is offered to parents or carers and their children. This includes anyone who has the responsibility for the care of children, whether they are married, single, separated, partners, divorced, bereaved or grandparents.

Our community based work is focussed mainly on coastal and rural areas where high levels of multiple deprivation exist. Common issues are:

poor quality housing,
mental health problems,
long standing life limiting illness or disability,
low income,
abuse in the home,
inability to afford food/ clothing.

We welcome volunteers and food, toys, clothing and of course money.