Make a diary entry 9-10th June and send invites out to those you may not see often enough! It's the Henfield Festival of Gardens and Arts weekend.

Established 1999 as an event for the local community to enjoy with family, friends and visitors it continues to be very popular.

The gardens are all shapes and sizes with new and regular openers participating. Some will be serving homemade teas, cakes, lunches, selling plants have wheelchair access and some gardens and venues host music events and performances and display arts, crafts including ceramics, jewellery, paintings, photography, sculpture and woodwork.

With a Grand Finale at the Henfield Hall on Sunday, it will be fun! Click the Photo-gallery for a taster and see our website for very useful and up-to-date information:

Leaflets are soon to begin to be seen in many local venues but you can also include the above link in your invites.