Time is still available to offer your garden or artist's house/studio as a venue for the 2019's Gardens & Arts weekend which this year is part of the Horsham District's Year of .Culture 2019! This is bound to attract interest in our village. Please don't hesitate to get in touch for there is still room on the list of entries - its simple to add you via our friendly online form https://www.henfieldgardensandarts.net/application

If you and your neighbours have interesting front gardens (but don't want to 'open" the back garden as such) we would also love to hear from you, too!


If you wish to speak to us and help you decide please contact us and provide your telephone number and we will ring you : https://www.henfieldgardensandarts.net/contact.htm...or telephone Liz on 01273 491725

We are so much looking forward to this years festival as it is bound to be a great family and friends affair for all to enjoy. Remember the dates 8/9th June with the Finale on the early evening of the Sunday evening. There's opportunities to have food and drink, to walk and meet friends and be astounded by what is on show in nature, art, dance, music!