Our very own  Festival of Arts Gardens & Arts - June 13th & 14th 2015 invites you to participate as it is a great opportunity for Henfield to show and share its excellent gardens as well as its artistic and musical talents.

The emphasis on ‘gardens for their own sake’, without ‘extras’, will continue in 2015. An attempt will be made to balance the spread of venues across the village. Particular focus will be had on on recruiting venues which are A) new to the event; B) front gardens in groups; C) gardens/houses in rarely visited parts of the village e.g. Deer Park, Parsonage Rd., Furners Mead and to have clusters of gardens and exhibition spaces, that will ensure a satisfactory footfall for everyone over the weekend. 

Please submit your garden/studio/church/other interesting space for consideration by phoning Heather McFarlane-Cryer on 492442 as soon as possible and definitely before Saturday 7th February, the closing date for entries.  Heather prefers to open a discussion about your plans from the outset and every suggested venue will be considered individually.However feel free to talk to your gardening neighbours if you can get them to join you in as a cluster of gardens.

An informative and essential evening will be held at 7.30 on Tuesday 24th February at Red Oaks for "new" and "past" ‘Openers’ and for the committee. It may be useful to make a tentative entry in your diary NOW if you intend to offer a venue.

Art:- whether you are an artist yourself or can offer exhibition space for art and craft, please contact our art co-ordinator Cat Brown as early as possible.

Music:- if you are planning a musical event of any kind, please communicate with us ASAP!  We are very happy for you to make your own arrangements, but co-ordination is essential to avoid unfortunate clashes.

Charity:- The intention is to nominate the Scout Hut Appeal as our local good cause for the 2nd year running, because supporting the children and youth of the village is so important.

Do phone before the closing date, even if you are uncertain about participating. It may provide the stimulus you need during these dark winter days! Best wishes from the Gardens & Arts Committee

Contacts :- Heather McFarlane-Cryer – 492442 (answerphone available) and Cat Brown  - catsceramics@gmail.com (for Arts & Crafts queries)