It is always the right time to think about inviting friends and family to come over to enjoy "Hidden and Welcoming" Henfield in June to see, hear, taste, and smell all that is good!

This year we have encouraged the use of your own or “obtained from “the Henfield Shed”, a small or normal sized wheelbarrow used as a planter for flowers etc.In these you can plant what you like and display it whether you are opening your garden or not. It could be in your back or front garden or driveway over the weekend,  in your shop window or outside your business or community space.

It's a great way of recycling an old wheelbarrow, a child’s wheelbarrow, or making a whelbarrow from pld wood or by visiting Henfield Shed have one from them who will make you one if you give them enough time. Entering your wheelbarrow is free,  please let us know by the end of March so that we can place it on our website.

Our website also provides more ideas and details on taking part. We aim to put together a trail to help young visitors identify participating gardens, venues, the locations of the wheel barrows, the many events organised over the weekend and artists, musicians, crafts people that are participating and where food and refreshments may be had and more.

This is an acclaimed community wide Festival with free parking which continues to be a joy to all that come.