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Thursday 23rd November

Fitness League

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The classes have a wonderful atmosphere created by the people who come and the fun we have whilst exercising.

In a recent survey of League members 80% said the League's system of exercise was more fun and easier to sustain than attending a gym, aerobics or jogging as well as being cheaper with no special equipment required - it is also safer. The view of members was that combining effective healthy exercise with music and movement helped to create a positive mood.

Classes are suitable for any age, members range from 30 to 90. Henfield classes are held at The Henfield Hall on Mondays in the main Whittome Hall and on Thursdays in the Whittome Hall or the Garden Room.

Classes are for 1 hour and are £5 per session, however the first class is free so you can enjoy a taster session.

For any information please contact Sally on 01273 831632/ 07549400756 or just come along.
Cancer Research benefits from Fitathon

Cancer Research benefits from Fitathon

Ladies from the Fitness League raised over £2,200 for Cancer Research UK with a 3-hour "fitathon" in the Henfield Hall.