I have often heard landlords of rented properties say of décor or furnishings, ‘it will do for tenants’.  To me, this is not a sensible attitude, as to attract tenants who will treat the property with respect and as a home, it is necessary to imagine that you could in the right circumstances live in the property yourself.

If you live in a large, expensively furnished house, it is difficult to imagine living in a one bed flat and probably not sensible for decorations and fittings to be comparable to those in your home, but you should look at the sort of property it is and aim to please the person who would be your ideal tenant.

If you are letting a flat in a block which is mostly occupied by retired people, there is no point in decorating in a very modern and trendy manner, as you are unlikely to attract the sort of tenant who would appreciate this.  On the other hand, don’t make décor old fashioned either; keep things neutral and clean, so that you won’t be likely to clash with anyone’s furnishings.  If the property is in an area that is popular with young professionals, you can afford to be more fashionable in your choice of décor, although do bear in mind that a fitted kitchen or carpet that is very up to the minute will look out of date much sooner than something classic and you may have to replace things to continue to appeal to the tenants you want to attract.

From experience, I have found that landlords who present properties to a high standard and carry out regular maintenance to keep them looking good tend to attract tenants who will look after them.  With people renting for longer periods, a rented property is often a home and not just a temporary place to stay, so if you treat your tenants with respect, they are more likely to do the same with your property.