Scout leaders receiving a cheque towards the new hut fund from the Henfield Gardens and Arts Festival. Photo credit Mike Beardall, Oakfield Media.

“The danger is that without a good base the Henfield group would go into decline – and we are determined that will not happen.”  

Dave was a former Scout leader himself (and a B-P Guild member), and his son Chris became a Queen’s Scout – together with Henfield boys Dominic Knight and Stephen Denyer.  “We had 10 Queen’s Scouts in Henfield – a remarkable number,” says Dave. “They are the most senior Scouts and give much time to expeditions and service to the community.”    

The Henfield B-P Guild members themselves have been influential in fundraising and support for the Scouts. Among other activities they have carried out sponsored bike rides and duck races. 

“The most important thing we need now is for the parents of Scouts to come forward and support us with help,” says Dave. “We have all tried to give something back to our youngsters and it is time for the current parents to become helpers.” 

Mike Morgan

Parish councillor Mike Morgan, himself a
fundraiser for the new building project, says: “We are very proud of the history of Scouts in Henfield – and being the first group in the world puts us in the unique position of trying the preserve the earliest memories of Scouting in Britain.” 

If you can provide help Henfield Scouts, financial or otherwise, please call Dave Malkin on 01273 493843 or 07929 840321.

Article and photo by supplied by Mike Beardall, Oakfield Media on 01273 495619 or 07889 707807