The Skate Park by the King's Field: The 2004 Community Action Plan identified the need to provide a Skateboard/BMX park in Henfield. The Partnership took this forward with the Parish Council, working with users to choose the preferred design. The HCP was successful in getting a grant of £30k from Viridor Environmental Co. Ltd. to supplement the planning money held by Horsham District Council for play areas. The park was offically opened on Oct. 6th 2007.It is situated in the Kings Field by the Henfield Leisure and Youth Centres and has proved to be a major attraction.

Village Walks: Five leaflets have been produced by the HCP Environment Group detailing walks in the countryside around Henfield. These have been produced in response to the public's request in the Action Plan to encourage greater use of the countryside. All the walks start and finish in the village and are relatively easy walking, although there are stiles here and there. If anyone has any ideas abut future walks, please email us at and we may be able to raise the funding for them to be produced. Copies of all the walks are available, free of charge from the Parish Office situated in The Henfield Hall. You can also view and download them on the Hub here.

Minibus: Another aim in the 2004 Action Plan was “to provide use of a minibus for the community”. This led to funds being obtained to buy a minibus and operate it for at least 3 years. The Henfield operation was launched in April 2007 by the HCP to provide an essential means of transport for those residents unable to access public transport and for group hire. A 16 seater minibus, having disabled and wheelchair access, was purchased and services such as dial-a-ride, outings and shopping trips established. The initial grants secured by the HCP and money subsequently raised have enabled the operation to continue to run for over 3 years, exceeding the original aim. HCP Chairman, Tony Jackson, said, “for some time we had realised that without guaranteed future funding and more voluntary support, we would soon have to stop the minibus operation. We didn’t want that to happen as it has become an essential service for a number of our local residents. We therefore looked at a number of options, but it became clear that the best solution was to transfer the operation and assets to Bluebird Community Partnership who are a proven local operator of community transport with much experience.” The transfer took place with effect from 26th July 2010 and the Bluebird service is still operating.

Other successes of HCP are described elsewhee on the Hub, including the new maps and fingerposts around the village (click here to read more) and the Plastic Bag Free campaign (click here for more information)..