The Partnership and Parish Council have jointly produced a community action plan covering the period up to 2015.

The plan draws upon earlier input from questionnaires. A consultation draft was issued and all comments taken on board. Copies of the final printed document are available in the Parish Council Office and Library.

One important input was the views of those living in and around Henfield of what the village provides. To find this out we commissioned.a Sussex-based research company, Abacus Insight, to find out what draws people to Henfield village. The purpose of the study was to understand:

a) the extent to which Henfield is a ‘hub’ for the local area: where people come from to use the retailers and services, and (if they don’t visit Henfield) where they go instead.

b) awareness of the services available in Henfield, including shops, post office and restaurants, playground and sports’ facilities, museum, petrol station, clubs and societies, nursery schools and crèches, doctors’ surgeries, dentists and solicitors

c) their ideas on what changes would encourage people to visit Henfield more frequently to use its shops and servicesA report of the findings has been produced by Abacus and discussed by the HCP and Parish Council representatives. It was felt to be an excellent piece of work, confirming with evidence many of the already held observations about Henfield, and it enabled a number of specific actions to be drawn up in the final Action Plan.

The HCP is particularly grateful to those members of the community who took the time to provide their views.

You can download a copy of the full Action Plan here.