The Henfield Hub was set up by Henfield Community Partnership (HCP) in 2012 with a grant from West Sussex County Council. During this period HCP have provided support when required although the day to day running of the Hub has always been managed by the Hub board.

HCP have been looking at how digital information is provided to the village and to other nearby villages and asked for a report from the Hub board about the future of the Hub.

The Hub report was received at the end of April 2017 and states that the Hub is financially stable and still seen as relevant in its current PC format. HCP have responded to the strong desire expressed by the Hub board that the Hub is an asset, and therefore consider the time is now right for the Hub to stand as an entity in its own right and be given its independence. HCP believe that it is in the interests of the community for this to be done as quickly and amicably as possible and will be working with all parties to achieve a smooth handover.

Carol Eastwood, Chairman HCP