This is where you share your upcoming events, whether regular group meetings, sales or promotions or Community Events.

The Event will be automatically added into our 'What's on' section for all the users to see. It will delete itself automatically after the event has happened. Keeping our calendar up to date all the time and saving you having to do housekeeping.

  1. Click on 'Add new Event'
  2. You will be taken to the Create Event Page
  3. Add a title - make it catchy as this appears wherever your article appears, in search results and on interest hubs.
  4. Add a summary of the Event - a few lines to get the reader hooked. This also appears in search results and on interest Hubs.
  5. Add a cover image
    - Click on 'choose file', this will allow you to navigate through your hard drives ot find the image file.
    - when you have found your image file click 'open'
    -this returns you to the editing page, your image will appear when the article is published.
  6. Add your main text
    - this can be cut and pasted from other applications, or you can work in the editing box.
    - we have included a variety of functions in order for you to add some style to your content. HTe buttons at the top of the editing box all erfom different functions - if you hover over them a small speech bubble will tell you what they are for - for a more detailed description see Main Text Box Editing Controls tutorial.
  7. Location - simply type in the name of the Location
  8. Dates
    - click on the date in the calendar. You can select multiple days
    -A recurring event is dictated by the start and finish time, rather than the date, so if you have two meetings a week - one in the moring and one in the evening - then those two are seperate recurring events and each can appear on whatever dates you wish them to.
  9. Start Time - Use the drop down menu to add your start time
  10. End Time - Use the drop down menu, the finish time is important, as this is what the system reads to delete the event after it has happened.
  11. Adding Tags to an Event - This is where you add tags to direct your article around the site, see our guide to Tags & Tagging for more information and how to use them on the Hub.
  12. Once you are happy that all of the details and content you have added are correct, scroll up to the top of the editing page and click 'Publish Event'