Our site is powered by your articles, by attaching tags you can send your article out to different parts of the Hub to be read by interested users.

An article can be a news story, a feature story about your achievements, a price list or anything that you want it to be about.

Remember we are not asking you to replicate content you may already have on your own website. The Hub can act as your shop window to the community, so put things that are either informative about what you do, or that will attract readers and in turn more interest in your organisation or business.

  1. Click on 'Add new article'
  2. You will be taken to the Create Article Page.
  3. Add a Title - make it catchy as this appears wherever your article appears, in search results and on Interest Hubs.
  4. Add a summary of the article - a few lines to get the reader hooked into your article. This also appears in search results and on Interest Hubs.
  5. Add a cover image
    - Click on 'choose file', this will allow you to navigate through your hard drives to find the image file.
    - when you have found your image file click 'open'
    -this returns you to the editing page, your image will appear when the article is published.
  6. Add your main text
    You can type into the editing box or you can Cut and Paste from other applications. One note of caution: if you are copying text from Microsoft Word, use the Paste form Word function not the ordinary Paste. Otherwise you may find formatting errors when you publish your article.
    We have included a variety of functions in order for you to add some style to your content. The buttons at the top of the editing box all perform different functions - if you hover over them a small speech bubble will tell you what they are for - for a more detailed description see Main Text Box Editing Controls tutorial.
  7. Add Tags to your Article, this is where you add the tags to direct your article around the site. After typing each tag press Enter. Good tags are terms that people are likely to search on, or ones that link your article to a particular interest topic on the Hub. See our guide to Tags & Tagging for more details about how to use them on the Hub.
  8. Attribution, this allows you to attribute the article to the author. If you are logged in as the user you are automatically attributed to the article, but if someone else has written the piece you can attribute it to them here. Simply enter their email address and if they are registered on our system then their name will be added.
  9. When you are happy with your article click 'Publish Now', the article will appear on your profile page and will find its way to other pages on the Hub according to your tags. If you find an error in your article, simply click on Edit or Delete Article to make changes to it