This is the place for you to enter your opening hours or regular meeting times. We have even added an extra box so you can tell your customers if you are going to be shut for training, refurbishment or for a bank holiday.

  1. press 'Opening Hours'
  2. Choose title from the drop down menu
    - Opening Times is for shops or businesses with regular opening times
    - Meeting Times is for groups, clubs and organisations who have regular meeting times.
    - Available is for people who work from home or on the move
  3. Enter your times into the boxes provided - using the 24 hour clock looks best. If you leave a box blank it will display as closed.
  4. Enter any extra details into the notes box, such as 'every third Tuesday of the Month' or 'Bank Holiday Opening Times'
  5. When you are happy with the details click 'change times' and the details will instantly be added to your page.