Henfield Hub has five personal notice boards that are free to use and are browsed by hundreds of people each week.

For Sale. Items for sale by individuals. This Notice Board is not intended for use by businesses, which can advertise on the main pages of the Hub. Click here for details of business advertising.

Freecycle. Items too good to throw away which might be useful to someone else.

Wanted. Need something that you can’t find in the shops? Perhaps a room to rent, a pair of hands, a musician for a party or a local supplier.

Lost and Found. Lost a pet or found a purse?

Births, Marriages, Deaths. Formal announcements of those important moments that people will want to hear about.

You can access the Notice Boards just by clicking on “Notice Boards” on the menu bar at the top of every page. Then browse the notices just by clicking on the name tabs.

If you want to post your own notice, you will need to be registered and logged in as a member of the Hub. Click on the Post a Notice button and the instructions on screen will tell you what to do. It’s very easy – just provide an email address and choose yourself a password, then you’re ready to go.

Your notice can be up to 50 words long and you can upload a photo if you have one. Click on the Browse button to find any image that you have stored on your computer.

Your notice will remain on the Board for one month. If you need to display it for longer you can always post it again. And if you need to remove the notice sooner, just click on the Manage my Notices button to remove it.