Add some style to your articles by using the text box editing buttons within the article and image posting editing pages.

Here is a short guide to the buttons:

20a5cb234bfcae1ba32abba1d6c700280692fde7Text Styles Button

When clicking on this button a drop-down menu will appear with a range of different styles for your text.

651cfb3b26f4a653bc97960be28f14d902b1ac25Font Format Button

Bold, Italics & Underline - use these to highlight parts of your text.

906c991f9c718c58ef85ec45e8cf2182ac846bb2Bulleted List Button

015af4bf3cd52f0140ad358af6b3f9969490306bOrdered List Button

Easily add and edit lists within your articles.

15066f7bfc278cd3899223636640a97e270c0c2bIndent Button

Indent your text

ad6b026c260da57c84c8218451ab8d38201181e7Add Image Button

You can add images to the text in your article, simply click on this button and drag the file into the box, the image will appear, click on it to resize and move.

b87d872afdec1521aa12c0d8270f92f9e70a93b0Insert Table Button

Will create a simple table - useful for spreadsheet information

bc0657ceaba7c4fc8c8f4736b2e0f66b0c5ef42cWeb Link Button

Add a link in your text to an email address, a web address or even another page within the Hub. Highlight the text you want to become the link and press this button, add the relevant details and your link will be created.

029a7da6dbc66cdcf35b385ebd75b8966a0c4bd8Link to Gallery Button

This will add a direct link to your Hub Gallery in your text.

14502a5c2aed7a7bd917e0aea18b58ae37e517dfLine Button
Use this feature to break up your text, great if talking about different but related topics.

ee0866f364514dd79a3eb641b839057c77bcc281Toggle Screen Mode

Press this to see your article or event in full screen mode, click it again to return to edit mode.