'Manage Categories' allows you to organise your content by grouping articles and events into the menu system on your page.

  1. Click the 'manage categories' butotn. The editing panel will allow you to gie a title to a category and add a tag, so that the Category can be linked to the relevent content.
  2. To add a new category, click 'add a new page'
  3. In the white box put what you would like the category to be called. This name will appear on your menu on the left hand side of your page.
  4. In the dropdown menu you can attach a tag to the category. Some are already pre-suggested from the tags associated with your page. So if you have already tagged an article, then that tag will appear in this menu. Choose your tag or create a new one.
  5. You can also link to other associated pages within the hub from here, in the dropdown menu choose - link to another page - and enter the url extension of the page you wish to link with.
  6. you can reorder the categories by using the green up/down buttonsand you can delete them entirely by using the red cross.
  7. When you have finished entering categories and reordering them. Click 'Save Categories' and the changes will instantly appear on your profile page.

To learn more about tags please see our guide to Tags & Tagging.