Each profile page comes with a photo gallery for you to show off the photos about your business or organisation.

You can upload any image into the gallery and our system will resize it for you to fit on the Hub.

  1. Click the 'Manage Galleries' button
  2. This brings up the image management panel. To add an image click 'add new image'
  3. A new bar will appear - click 'choose file'. This will allow you to navigate through your hard drives to find the image file.
  4. Having found your image file - click 'open'
  5. The Gallery panel will show the image uploading.
  6. There is space for you to title the image, credit the person who took the photo and have a short description.
  7. once you have uploade and entered the details for all of your images click 'save Gallery'
  8. If you wish to reorder your images, use the green up/down arrows to shift them around.
  9. You can also remove an image from the system by pressing the red cross.