This year, as part of Horsham District's Year of Culture, the Henfield Art Club invites you to its annual two-day exhibition where not only our artworks in various mediums are shown but other invited artists will be showing too.

It is totally free during the days of Saturday 25th (10 am to 5 pm) and Sunday the 27th (10 am to 4 pm).

Art whether framed, just on canvas or just mounted and unframed, is there to be seen and that is enough for those showing..

Most, except the priceless and of sentimental value to the artist,  is available for purchase at quite modest prices.  Cards, wood carvings fused glass and soft stone works is also on show.

Whether you just like to browse or are interested in art and perhaps just to know more of what the Art Club is about, this a good time to come and meet us.

If you cannot make it you can find out more on our web site: <a href="">

To make it interesting for our visitors you are invited to vote for their favorite art works.

Separately the artists themselves also vote for their own favourite painting.