To delight visitors to our Henfield Hall, members of Henfield Art Club have once again pulled out their paint, brushes or palette knives and worked to mount a new exhibition in the Committee Room.These exhibits will be available for sale or to view right through to early March.

Additionally this autumn The Haven invited the Henfield Art Club’s chairman to show at their extremely popular Café. Little did they know that they were going to be in for a treat! Now hanging in the Café and available for purchase are two works by 2016’s double award winning artist signing as Malet Warden. The first award was chosen by members of the public for the work they liked most at this year’s Autumn Exhibition in Henfield Hall. The second award was chosen by Henfield Art Clubs’ members.

Henfield Art Club’s members exhibit in and around Henfield and their paintings are generally available for purchase.

You will just have to visit the Henfield Hall or the Haven to see their works for real.

The Art Club encourages artists to create and exhibit their works at various venues within the village during the year including at the Festival of Garden and Arts - look out for up-coming news on this event!

Evening demonstrations by competent artists are generally available on a monthly basis. See our  programme details soon to be refreshed on or for more information with no commitment feel free to contact us: Kenneth McIntosh  01273 965243


Shown are a  sample of Warden's paintings at the Haven Cafe slightly cropped.