We have had a very successful season, so far this year.

1. Sussex County Womens Bowls Association
Benevolent Triples - Winners Congratulations to Kim Felts, Di Turner & Sue Small beat Crablands in the finals 18th August 2015.

2.Henfield Mid Sussex Charity Tournament

Friday 31st July not only did we host this tournament on a bright and sunny day we also had the temerity to win with Mervyn & Pauline Arnold and Chris & Tony Whitehead, and also to have the runners up with Di & Roger Turner and Kim & Pete Felts.

3. Tom Francis 2015 this is a knockout competition and Henfield got through to the final on the 2/8/2015 where after a very strong start our team held their nerve to beat Lindfield well done to: Dave Phillipsson, Roger & Di Turner Tony Owen

AND Ray Riche, Mervyn Arnold, Steve Williams & Kim Felts

4. Rose Bowl Winners 2015

This is a club competition and the trophy was presented by Rob Slaughter, son of Rosemary, after whom the cup is named.

The winners on the 19th July were:

John Moorshead, Georgina Lupton, Stephanie Powell & Ray Riche.

5. Haywards Heath Charity Triples

Winners were Hazel David, Dorli Fields & Steve Williams

6. Mid Sussex League Division 2

Henfield were leading this competition throughout the season and were promoted to Division1. Good luck next season.

The Team - Ray Riche, Carol Fennell, Tony Owen, Gill Feltham, Roger & Di Turner, Tom Campbell, Mick Patching, Dave Hodges, Steve Williams, Kim Felts, Dave Phillipson, Jean Bracey Pauline & Mervyn Arnold, Di Norman and Hazel David.

7. The Community Cup won by Henfield Bowling Club

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