Former RAF serviceman Peter Stenning, 86, from Ravenswood Road, Burgess Hill, put this Battle of Britain style tribute to nurses in his window. Peter, a former Longley’s building firm site manager, said: “I think they do an incredible job.”

Photo credit: Phil Dennett

Applause for the NHS and essential workers echoed around Henfield again at 8pm on Maundy Thursday. In windows and on balconies, in doorways and on pavements, the people of Henfield came out to show their support and gratitude.

On a sunny day, it can seem surreal walking around the deserted streets and lanes of our village yet knowing that life and death battles are being fought in our hospitals just a few miles away. Those of us who are still well, and those of us who have already recovered from the virus, can only feel grateful to everyone who is tending the sick or keeping essential services flowing. THANK YOU AND STAY SAFE!

Our Coronavirus News page has live links to constantly updated information on local businesses and deliveries, supermarket opening hours, government guidance, infection numbers and much more.

Our own Henfield Helpline will still be operating and monitored over the Bank Holiday weekend, but limiting responses to emergency calls until Tuesday. The 200+ local volunteers who have been delivering food and medicines to our homes deserve special mention, as well as the team managing the phone lines..

It is critically important that we continue to follow the social isolation rules. If you're out for a walk with the children this weekend, avoid other humans but look out for teddy bears in windows and see how many you can count in Henfield.

In the evenings, the Pink Moon may have passed its peak - see Arun Agarwal's fabulous picture - but it is still well worth a look.

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Individually we may be isolated in our own homes, but as a community Henfield has never been stronger.