Art has been displayed at the Henfield Haven since it first opened. Back then the Trustees wished to invigorate the walls with colour for the pleasure of all clients and visitors. This is still their wish. With this particular focus it has perhaps not been generally known is that a minimum of 30% of art purchased is gift-aided to the Haven.  

On show are semi-permanent displays including one of a Jackson Pollock inspired work created by the Haven's clients guided by staff and volunteers.

To maintain a healthy interest, most of the art on display has been changed or rotated regularly generally helped by Henfield's Art Club artists. 

With the success in the use of the Haven following a substantial increase of the indoor and outdoor areas coupled with the popularity of the hearty food served, a greater focus to introduce artists from further afield is now also in hand to support the Trustees in their effort to raise funds. 

In November we are introducing Prize winning artist Carole Rupniak, a member of local art groups and displays in the Home Counties.  Horsham Museum has bought her work for their collection. On display will be four paintings. Two of Carole’s’ will be her impressions of central Horsham’s Carfax area inspired by archive photos. The buildings with an absence of pedestrians reflect the need for calm on global warming.Little did she know that a year after painting them, we would bear witness to deserted high streets. 

Upcoming: in December we intend to include 6 artists who have supported us in the past. And in January 2021 we have Maggie Knight work's on display. 

Kenneth McIntosh

(Volunteer and the Haven' s Art Curator)