Delegates from a wide range of concerned organisations attended the Action Day, including Henfield Medical Centre, the NHS, Sussex Partnership NHS Trust, The Church, WSCC, Horsham District & Henfield Parish Councils. Know Dementia, Action for Older People, Carers Support West Sussex and Impact Initiatives,

A full day started with accounts from two local residents whose lives have both been drastically affected when their partners were diagnosed with dementia. Delegates were left in no doubt that "the system" appears to them incapable of caring for their needs, and that urgent action is needed to address the situation.

Irene Loft, Senior Commissioning Officer from WSCC, then gave a presentation about their 5 year Dementia Plan, and the follow-on ideas from 2019. To see this presentation please click here.

For details about how to take part in the review of the Dementia Framework just click this link.

Dr. Camilla Drew, the Dementia Specialist from HMC, then took us through "The View from the Surgery" including a brief on some of the more common forms of dementia. Camilla's presentation is here.

Jennie Morrison-Cowan, Trustee for a local charity, Know Dementia, then presented The Golden Ticket pathway that supports families affected by dementia in East Sussex. High Weald, Lewes and Havens Clinical Commissioning Group have led the project successfully for the past four years providing a continuous and supportive journey for the person diagnosed and their family, making them central to the whole process both medically and in their community. Jennie's presentation can be seen here.

The delegates then split into 3 groups to consider what they had heard and to formulate an Action Plan, focused on the Henfield Community. Many interesting ideas were put forward, and will be covered at a future date once the key stakeholders have had the opportunity to assess and consider how they might be implemented.

Should you have any thoughts on this crucial subject, or feel that you have a contribution to make, please get in touch at

Photograph courtesy of the Henfield Hub