Having reclaimed the Haven gardens from the wilderness when we opened our doors in 2015 our Garden Gang, with over a dozen regulars, has done a truly amazing job of growing, tilling, weeding, watering and developing the grounds.



Our customers and visitors constantly comment on how lovely it is to sit and relax over a beverage, or lunch, in an idyllic and safe environment.The team also grows a variety of vegetables, fruit and herbs which are used in the Haven kitchens.

In addition they have teamed up to form "Ground Force Haven" and go to local homes where the occupants have unavoidably had to let their garden "go" through ill-health or infirmity. So far they have tended to over 14 gardens, for which there is no fee - just an optional donation to the Haven

Here is a "before and after" view of one such project:

If you would like a visit from the Garden Team, or know someone who would benefit, please contact Liz on 01273 492595.