Currently Henfield's various Scout groups (135 young people and 20 leaders) is organised to use the existing building that is in urgent need of replacement. One or other Group use the building every night as you will see below.

Previously we may have read that Henfield’s Scout Hut is experiencing increasing demand from Scout/Cub groups not just from Henfield, but also from villages close to: Albourne, Small Dole, Shermanbury and recently Partridge Green. So it is not surprising to note that every evening, one that over flows from the stated hours of "18:00 -19:30" of a typical week is now taken. All this is managed by 20 "volunteers" grandly called Leaders who are committed in the development our young.

Do they or the young people the lead deserve a facility that will see them through with certainty into the future without worrying about the deteriorating wooden building?

The current building from the outside may look fine but this is not so. This why the Scout Community Building appeal was launched some time back and which many local organisations expressed their support by showing an interest to use a fit for purpose Community building and making modest donations. Local support is always welcomed as the 1st Henfield (Arun) Cub Pack (Tuesdays) is at its maximum of 36 and and there is additional demand for Cub Scouting from Henfield and its neighbouring villages a new pack stood up formally in January which meet on Friday (the only available week night at an increasingly busy Scout Hut) under the leadership of Gavin Wright.

As with all areas of Scouting, additional leaders are wanted to support Scouting into the future. If you are interest in this or moved to make a donation please contact Group Scout Leader:

Meetings are held on Monday night - Beavers and Scouts;.Tuesday night - Cubs and Explorers; Wednesday - Beavers; Thursday night - Scouts; Friday night - Cubs.

An old photo of a cheque being handed to a Scout Leader. Is time to have a new photo!

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