At last we can announce a very important step forward with Henfield's Neighbourhood Plan (HNP).

After significant delay, we were able to produce a draft Pre-Submission Neighbourhood Plan which we sent to HDC on the 29th of March for a Health Check. As the delay had arisen at Horsham, they offered to waive the Health Check, but we felt that for the best chance of the plan proceeding without challenge was to subject it to scrutiny at this stage. That part of the process took seven weeks and HDC's comments were received on 17th May.

We have taken account of these comments and, following approval by the Parish Council on 4th June, the Pre-Submission Plan is now out for consultation from 7th June to 26th July. The Plan can be downloaded here. .

A response form for comments is available here - this can be returned after completion either by emailing to, or posting to Neighbourhood Plan, Parish Clerk, Henfield Parish Council, The Henfield Hall, Coopers Way, Henfield, West Sussex BN5 9DB, or by hand via the Parish Council letterbox outside the Henfield Hall.

All comments must be received by 5pm on Friday 26th July 2019

There are many supporting documents to the plan which can be viewed by clicking on the names below:

Sustainability Assessment (SA/SEA), Non-Technical Summary (SA/SEA), Scoping Report,Focus Group Reports, Site Assessment Report,

In addition, a summary of the plan can be found here.. Other previously published reference documents are the State of Parish Report, and AECOM's Housing Needs Assessment.

Hard copies of the draft plan and SA/SEA are available for reference, together with a summary of the Plan, which can be taken away, and response form, at the following places:
Henfield Parish Council office (Open weekdays 10am-1pm, Wednesday to 3pm), Henfield Library (Open Monday-Friday 10am-5pm, Saturday 10am-2pm), Henfield Haven (Open Monday-Friday 10am-5pm) and Small Dole Post Office (Open Monday–Friday 9am-5.30pm, to 1pm Wednesday, Saturday 9am-12.30pm).

A summary of the plan and response form are available at: Henfield Medical Centre (Open Monday-Friday 8am-6.30pm), Henfield Leisure Centre, (Open Monday-Thursday 7.30am-10pm, to 9pm Fri, Sat 8am-5pm, Sun 8am-6pm), Henfield Youth Club (Open Monday 6.30pm-8pm, Tuesday 6pm-7.30pm, Thursday 7.30pm-9pm), , Budgens, High Street (Open Monday-Saturday7am-9pm, Sunday 10am to 4pm), Hamfelds, High Street (Open Monday-Saturday 9.00am-5.30pm, Sunday 10.00am to 2.00pm),