During the Regulation 14 Consultation that ran from Friday 7th June until Friday 26th July, we had 159 pieces of correspondence from 123 sources. 95 were from Non Statutory Consultees and 28 from Statutory Consultees/Landowners/Consultants.

The responses were formulated into two reports, one prepared by the Steering Group covering Non Statutory Consultees and one by the Planning Consultant for the other responses. These reports were discussed at a meeting with Horsham District Council, with our Planning Consultant present, on  23rd August.

The Non Statutory responses were in the main supportive of the plan as it stood or with modifications, whilst nine people opposed the plan. A number of useful points were raised and noted to be taken into consideration when redrafting the plan.

The Statutory Consultees were also in the main supportive, provided useful feedback and again their comments will be taken into account when redrafting. A number of Landowners/ Consultants raised some issues regarding sites that had not been allocated and it was agreed that our consultant, working with HDC, would assess their comments on issues concerning site assessment and appraisal to ensure that the points raised are addressed, if relevant, or are defendable.

A draft Basic Conditions Statement, (detailing how our Neighbourhood Plan has met the requirements of the National Planning Policy Framework, Horsham District’s and South Downs National Park Authority’s Local Plans, and European Regulations), has been prepared by the Steering Group and after assessment by our planning consultant and the implementation of a number of minor amendments, has been sent off to HDC for a health check.

Work has also started on the Consultation Statement that outlines the major actions of the plan process. We hope to complete this work by the end of September and be in a position to submit the plan to Henfield Parish Council for approval prior to sending it to HDC for the Regulation 15 notification. This precedes the six week Regulation 16 Consultation throughout the whole of Horsham District that gives you further opportunity to submit comments.

Ray Osgood Chairman of the Henfield Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group. 10th Sept 2019