Over the two days, a total of 1,564 questionnaires were returned. 153 of these were responses to the general questions and between 19 and 69 people responded about each specific site. There are a total of 31 sites, although Site B, was sub-divided into two for display purposes, as the proposed land is in two lots.Of the 32 Site Assessments, there was net public support for 14 of the sites, whilst the remaining 18 sites received net negative support from those attending.

There was a good level of engagement in the process. Residents have shown their continued interest in the plan, and of the 324 attending, at least 153 made general comments and expressed opinions. The number of responses to specific sites varied greatly. The public comments have been useful in assisting the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group in drafting its full report on the consultation (which will form part of the plan’s evidence base and be available in due course) and contribute to the Steering Group’s knowledge of the public’s priorities.

A significant majority, 87%, were in favour of brownfield sites being developed first. A majority, 58%, favoured developments consisting of smaller sites as against 25% in favour of larger sites. 41% were in favour of developments being phased evenly over the plan period as against 33% preferring the second half of the plan and only 10% favouring the first half. The responses to the site specific questionnaires were diverse with people both in support of and against each site.

Once again, the Steering Group would like to thank members of the public, and interested parties, for their continued support, and involvement in the production of the Henfield Neighbourhood Plan.