Conductor Barry Wordsworth led the confident orchestra as tour guide as the appreciative audience took in Scotland, Sweden, Russia, the USA, England, and Italy.

The musicians sailed out of harbour to the well-captured drama, sea swell and serenity of the opening Hebrides Overture (Fingal’s Cave) by Mendelssohn. Their next stop was a flight of fancy with an uplifting and reflective folksy Swedish Rhapsody by Alfven, featuring sprightly cellos and
gurgling bassoons.

Some delicate harp and moody woodwind gave an air of mystery to the Russian Lyadov’s spiritual Enchanted Lake, while chugging cellos, shrill violins and piston-like trombones drove Honegger’s steam-powered Pacific dash across the States, reflecting powerfully his passion for locomotives.

The Coates London Suite sounded delightfully old-fashioned with sprightly strings and pleasing melody, while charming woodwind and horn echoes teased out the easy grace and charm of Butterworth’s pastoral Banks of the Green Willow.

Bold trumpets announced Tchaikovsky’s infectious Capriccio Italien, infused with delightful oboe, flute and string playing. Back on the track, Coronation Scot by Vivian Ellis, the theme of BBC Radio's Paul Temple, was a bonus encore for a concert that simply flew by.

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