The main points raised within the consultation were:
1. Parking charges will have a negative effect on village high street economies. 

 2. Charges will displace cars on to surrounding streets. 

3. The proposals will negatively impact use of village halls. 

 4. Parking machines should accept cash. 

5. Concern about the maximum permitted stay with using the parking disc / pay and display . 

 6. Suggestion of whether the Parish precept could be raised to pay for car parks . 

 7. Arrangements for people attending events lasting more than 3 hours.  

The response to these issues can be found in the  ‘ Rural Parking Consultation Response Letter’ . which can be viewed here.

The changes made to the proposals published last November are:

  • to increase the maximum time for parking  from 3 to 4 hours in both car parks
  • to develop a cash alternative (voucher) , although take up will be reviewed. Will be piloted within the Steyning area
  • to offer an option to allow users to park for irregular long term periods
    combing the use of a disc and pay and display offer
  • for clarity , to change the ‘Annual Rural Car Park Permit’ to ‘Annual Parking Disc’

The cost of a residents' disc is £12 and annual season ticket is £130 for long stay users. Short stay visitors will be charged £0.75 for the first hour or £1.50 for the maximum stay allowed.

Further details will be published once issued by HDC.