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The Government is signed up to a process called ‘Future Airspace Strategy’ (FAS***) which sets out a vision to modernise UK airspace and use technology to make it fit for the 21st century; meeting the demands of aviation for capacity above our homes.

Currently the airspace above 7,000ft (Level 2 Airspace Change) is being designed to increase capacity and reduce CO2 emissions. NOISE is not a consideration at this height. Below 7,000ft it is set by the Civil Aviation Authority** and the Department for Transport, as noise for those on the ground is a priority up to this height. Any changes to airspace at 7,000ft and below will be subject to the CAA CAP1616 consultation (Level 1 Airspace Change).

And after the seven stages of the process if you disagree with the CAA’s findings, there is no independent ombudsman or little that can be legally done to safeguard your tranquility.

Changes to routes or tracks below 7,000ft remain the responsibility of the airport ie Gatwick Airport – so are you now concerned?

LAMP 2* (London Airspace Management Programme 2) aims to minimise air traffic controller and pilot workload, via maximum reduction of controller involvement. This could potentially change boundaries, air traffic system routes, and other airspace structures. ‘As many benefits as possible would be realised with no constraints to efforts made to systemise the network, for capacity’ say the airspace designers!

‘And all air traffic flows would require compliance with the RNAV1 (concentrated routes – single motorways of aircraft) navigation as standard. Intent of this airspace design principle is to use modern navigation standards to maximise the efficiency of the network’, note it
does not say ‘to reduce noise for those on the ground!’

Another reason you should become a member of CAGNE, is that the Government are asking airports to maximise their current facilities. Gatwick is therefore looking to use the shorter emergency runway to the north alongside the main runway! This would only require a change to planning permission with potentially no airspace change (CAP1616) consultation as Gatwick currently fly this runway when maintenance is carried out on the closed main runway!

Are you concerned about what could take place above your home? If you are then join CAGNE for free; keep up to date on airspace changes and consultations, as plans are already afoot in Gatwick’s boardroom with airspace designers to seek aviation growth above your home.

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