Most people fall into food poverty through no fault of their own. It can be triggered by a change in either personal or financial circumstances.

So, what do you do if you find yourself in crisis and struggling to afford food for yourself and your family? Firstly, remember you are not alone. Horsham District Food Bank has seen a 35% increase in need over the past year. Food banks provide emergency food parcels to those in crisis on a short-term basis. They also provide individuals with support and advice to help them resolve their problems.

Accessing an emergency food parcel from the Henfield Food Bank will involve a slightly different process to other foodbanks. Instead of having to obtain a referral voucher, all you need to do is phone Horsham Matters (Monday to Friday 9am-2pm) on 0300 124 0204 and ask for the Food Bank and tell them you live in Henfield.

Applicants will not have to meet any specific criteria – only that they are currently unable to buy food. Their situation will be assessed by a trained adviser and, if appropriate, they will be referred for an emergency stop-gap food delivery from the Henfield Food Bank and given advice on where they can access further support.

The delivery of the emergency food parcel will be discreetly carried out by local volunteers from The Henfield & District Lions, in supermarket carrier bags.

This trial initiative, in partnership with Horsham Matters, has been instigated by BN5 Magazine, Councillor Mike Morgan (Horsham District Council) and the Henfield & District Lions charity. Thanks go to Henfield Churches, St Peter’s School, Henfield Medical Centre and Henfield Youth Club representatives who have lent their support.


Thanks to Sarah Butler and Emma Osman, BN5 Magazine, for the content of this article and their support for this initiative.