Horsham District Council is reviewing its Local Plan, the Horsham District Planning Framework 2015 (HDPF), which guides decisions on planning applications. As part of the first review stage, the council is publishing an issues and options document relating to Employment, Tourism and Sustainable Rural Development for a seven week period of consultation between 6 April and 25 May 2018. Your comments on this document are invited.

The document sets out key issues that have been identified and the suggested policy options to address them. It considers the strategy for economic development in the District; both the locational strategy for economic growth and sites which may have the potential for allocation for employment use. It also considers how the Council can achieve sustainable development in the more rural parts of the district. In particular, development that takes place outside existing defined built-up area boundaries, which has been identified as an issue that needs to be addressed through the neighbourhood planning process.

Responses to this consultation will inform and assist in the preparation of a new Horsham District Local Plan, which will run from 2018 to 2036. Other topics, including housing, will be subject to consultation at a later date. The information in the document is not council policy at this stage. You can find the Issues and Options document and supporting information here.

If you would like to comment on the document, please use the representation form on HDC's website which helps to ensure views are interpreted correctly (accessible via the link provided above). However, if preferred, comments can also be emailed to strategic.planning@horsham.gov.uk or sent in the post to: Strategic Planning Team, Horsham District Council, Parkside, Chart Way, Horsham,
RH12 1RL.

The deadline for comments is 17:00 on 25 May 2018.