Celebrating Horsham District’s ‘Year of Culture’ and the 20th year of Henfield Gardens & Arts Festival we all knew this was going to be a wonderful creative and well-attended year and we were not disappointed. The only thing that let us down slightly was the weather which could have been warmer and less windy… but then it wasn’t a washout (remember the year when we all sat huddled under dripping gazebos and shivered) and the Spring was kind to us with all the annuals, shrubs and roses coming into bloom just when we wanted them. Saturday started with showers and winds and one garden owner was seen ill-advisably up a rocking ladder retrieving a gazebo which the gusty wind had lifted into the treetops … but then eventually the sun did come out and so did the visitors, in good numbers and Sunday was even better with hazy sunshine all day.


Like most of the local people we divided our time between helping out with events, refreshments etc and trying to visit as many of the gardens and other venues as possible. I therefore apologise now that the gallery of photographs is far from complete and I am sorry if your favourite places or performers are omitted. We are hoping that more people will send in photographs so we can add to our collection. It would be invidious under the circumstances to single out some of our personal favourites but surely everyone will agree that whoever thought up the clever concept of the ‘Culture Trail’ along Blackgate Lane does deserve a special mention as the delightful presentations of birds, scouts, cricket, a spiders web, runner beans, ladybirds and other familiar items were greatly appreciated.

The music flowed throughout both days with types to suit everyone, from harp recitals, to songsters, bands and guitars. St Peter’s Church held a wonderful flower festival – we particularly liked the efforts of the schoolchildren in the Parham Chapel. Do look at St Peter’s Church own page to see some of the art and floral exhibits in the church.
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Thank you everyone for making this a year to remember.

Photographs: Pamela & Barry Chaston

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