The bar will be open and there will also be food available. The proceeds from the evening will go entirely to the Henfield Hall refurbishment fund. Much money is neededto refurbish and improve the facilities of the main hall.

Currently,the major expenditure will be on the repair of the roof. Our hall is a wonderful facility for the whole community. Did you know that it is owned entirely by the community? It is managed by volunteers who give up their time tirelessly.

The Brighton Beach Boys are a well known band, many are session musicians to well known artists. They are not a tribute band in the usual sense, but recreate the music which sounds extraordinarily close to that of the original artists. The 60s was revolutionary for pop music and as we are 50 years on from 1969, it's time to celebrate!

Please give us your support by coming along to this event on Saturday 20th July in the main hall, doors open at 7.30pm.

Tickets are available from Village Care in the High Street or online.

To download the poster please click here.

John Willis and Paul Crowe