Adam, aged 10, has just finished Year 6 of St Peters and will be around in the Summer Holidays to offer guidance to people keen to take up the new craze.  And it’s not just for kids!  Grown ups too are also enjoying the thrill of making their own designs.  

But, as Adam says, apart from the most basic loom band style, there are many other, slightly more complicated, designs to make.  It is not always easy to learn these from instruction manuals.  So Adam is setting up his own ‘school’ to offer one to one, or small group lessons, for £2 per person per  hour.

Adam says; “I love making loom bands.  It’s a cheap and fun hobby.  The basic kit only costs about £10, and the rubber bands you use to make the bracelets are really cheap.  But learning how to get more adventurous with the designs is when it gets really exciting.  Sometimes it take a few goes to get the knack of it!  I am happy to show people what I know, because sometimes it is easier when someone shows you in person.”

Adam will also give safety advice such as storing loombands safely and sizing bands correctly.

Adam can be contacted on 01273 495288 or emailed to book a lesson.