Horsham District Council has signed a Planning Performance Agreement (PPA) with Mayfields that ‘considers information’ and ‘tests the deliverability’ of their New Town proposals.

The MPs for West and Mid Sussex, Sir Nicholas Soames and Nick Herbert have both expressed their outrage at the news.

The campaign Group Locals Against Mayfield Market Town Sprawl has published an update on their website alleging an association between HDC and Mayfield directors.

Henfield residents are already engaged in a campaign to stop another housing development on the opposite side of the village. While only 42 houses, locals believe it could be "the thin end of the wedge” and open up development right around the south-western flank of the village.

One resident summed up the feelings of many people with her comment on Facebook: "Living in Henfield, the whole point of moving here was the countryside. I don’t want to live in a busy place with more traffic, no space and crowded by new houses. We moved to the village not town of Henfield to have that, not to be surrounded by houses instead of trees and nature."

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