If you prefer to open jointly with friends or neighbours, NGS can help coordinate community group openings. e7a3b1a039982ad73b9cfa3dd8e1b144d9fe67dc

NGS raised more than £4 million nationally in 2017 for various health charities including £500,000 to Macmillan Cancer Support, £500,000 to Hospice UK and £150,000 to Parkinson's UK. In order to continue to raise these vast sums, it must continue to attract new gardens to the scheme and replace any gardens whose owners are no longer able to welcome visitors.


NGS will support you, provide help, offer advice, and ensure "your" garden open day is successful. Please help them to hang their "Garden Open Today" sign on your garden gate by contacting: Mrs Patty Christie, NGS County Organiser, West Sussex for an informal chat on 01730 813323 or sussexwestngs@gmail.com

Philip Duly, Publicity Officer for the National Garden Scheme, West Sussex.